Mario gets back from Indonesia with adventure pics, Our logo is getting designed, I will be going on a trip and returning with some good stuff as well. Future trips planned for tunnels in Vegas, Abandoned Military bases and some rafting around various San diego Areas nobody ever rafts.

Friday, September 30, 2011

whats up! Adventure team is still active even though our blog is not! LOL
Lots of stuff coming soon. If you are interested in what we are doing hit me up on facebook
Anthony Terranova and check out where I am active daily.
Also our official name is San Diego Money Mountain Adventure Team. I will be sharing the logo's and showing off the custom gear soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SDAT First Adventure!

This is the top looking into Canyon
shot of some smaller boulders and streams.
Bryan overlooking deep pool.
Tadpole's and Frogs.
Me on Big ass Rock.
Bryan overlooking one of the bigger waterfalls.
Signs of habitation.
These Waterfalls look very impressive in real life for something hidden away in a canyon hardly anyone knows about.
One of The Larger waterfalls. This area has been Inhabited before europeans got here. I heard stories you could Find Indian artifacts Here in the 70's.